Why didn't we hear about this movie earlier? It sounds like it's going to be a blast to watch.

Everyone loves a good movie filmed in Montana. We've had some classics like A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall and newer films like God's Country and Murder in Yellowstone City. Locals belove these movies and show the beauty of Montana.

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We don't see many movies shoot their entire production in Montana often or see high-profile celebrities star in these films. That's why this news was fantastic to hear.

Photo by Eric Terrade via Unsplash
Photo by Eric Terrade via Unsplash

A new film premiered at the acclaimed Tribeca Film Festival in Toronto, titled Blood For Dust, and the movie was entirely filmed in and around Billings. The film has received positive reviews from Variety, IMDB, and others.

Why should you be excited about this film? It has a fantastic cast, including a massive Game of Thrones alum. The film stars Kit Harington(Jon Snow in Game of Thrones), Scoot McNairy(Batman vs. Superman), and Josh Lucas(Sweet Home Alabama).

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The movie doesn't have a trailer yet or much info about what the film is about, but we know it's about two guys who decide to rob a drug dealer, and things go terribly for the two thieves.

The upside is if the film gets serious buzz at the Tribeca Film Festival, the movie could attain a national distributor like Paramount or Universal and get a theatrical release this upcoming fall.

Hopefully, we can hear more news about this upcoming film soon and see a trailer. Keep this movie on your radar.

For more details, check out Variety.

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