Right now, the Microsoft Kinect gaming system is primarily being used to keep small children entertained and to bring hours of dance-fueled excitement to teenage girls’ slumber parties. Whole Foods may have found the most innovative use for the motion controller yet.

The grocery store chain unveiled a new grocery cart prototype that is powered and controlled by the popular XBox 360 peripheral.

The motorized cart helps streamline the shopping experience by tracking customers’ purchases as they put them in the cart. It doesn’t just give them a running total of their items — it also marks them off of an electronic shopping list. The cart can even track the contents of their food items and offer healthier alternatives if customers are allergic to certain ingredients or trying to cut certain items out of their diet.

The most impressive part is that the cart doesn’t even require a person to move it. The Kinect can track the customer as they move through the store and it follows them like a cute little puppy who is so eager to please its master. Does that mean if a cart follows us home that we can keep it?