We are so excited to be teaming up with our friends over at Kenyon Noble and having our annual 100 Days Of Summer event.

The most asked question during this event is: "What are the prizes?!" Hold your horses, my friends, I am about to show you. Every week I will let you know what is up for grabs that week and how you can get qualified to win. Hint hint...you will have multiple opportunities to score these prizes.

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Week Seven Prize:

$100 Dollar Kenyon Noble Gift Card

Canva/Kenyon Noble
Canva/Kenyon Noble

The options are limitless when you have a gift card to spend at Kenyon Noble. Whether you are looking for new paint, lighting, or any household add on, having a $100 gift card to put towards your purchase sure can make life easier.

Right now you can save hundreds of dollars in the garden center on patio furniture, planters, out door rugs, and even outdoor heaters. Check out the garden center for some extra great savings. Or check out the Kenyon Noble Website to start your shopping today.

Every week we will let you know what prize is up for winning and how you can quickly get in on the fun. All you have to do is, download the XL Country App so you are on top of our 100 Days of Summer Code Words, listen for the keyword, and then enter it in. That's it! You can also enter your key word below! Good Luck!

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