Keith Urban certainly has his hands full with his fellow Season 12 'American Idol' judges, those dueling divas known as Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. But according to the country superstar's wife, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, the 'For You' singer is actually very fond of the strong-willed women.

"He adores [Mariah and Nicki], actually," shares Kidman (quote via Digital Spy). "He actually always comes [home] and says he loves doing [the show], so and he's used to it… he likes strong personalities."

Urban confirms the judge's unity, saying, "Absolutely, yeah," referencing the panel's improving camaraderie. "I think the live show's [are] going to be a blast."

Rumors concerning Urban's imminent departure from the coveted prime time gig were sparked following the well-publicized clip of a spat between Carey and Minaj hit the web. Urban found himself in the middle of heated argument... literally. But the country superstar remained composed.

“Yeah, I was the U.N.,” Urban shared, laughing. “Switzerland!” his wife, Nicole Kidman, interjected.

Urban endured and the show is now in the final stages of narrowing down the competition to the Top 12 contestants. Four country contestants, including three Nashville natives, are currently competing as part of the Top 40 hopefuls.

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