I love Christmas...now...but it hasn't always been that way.  As a kid, the holidays were wonderful, but I went through a few tough ones after my divorce.

For one Christmas, I was all alone, living in a studio apartment in Florida.  My furniture hadn't arrived, and was new to town, so I didn't know many people.  My parents sent me some gifts that didn't arrive because of airplane problems.  It was a tough time.

Now, I am a Christmas junkie, and I know it's because of my kids.  I was reading an article that said most of us have a holiday routine that's practically carved in stone: dinner with the family, tree in the living room, opening presents.

But what happens when that routine is disrupted? Maybe the kids can't come home, or a beloved grandparent has died, or a couple has divorced. A psychiatrist interviewed by CNN suggests that it's time to break the routine and do something else.

I hope all of you have a happy holiday season!

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