In November, Justin Moore and his wife Kate welcomed their second daughter, Kennedy Faye, to the world. Kennedy joined big sister Ella Kole, who turned 2-years-old over the weekend (Feb. 11).

“With having two babies at home, I think [Kate and I are] more comfortable as far as how to handle different situations,” Moore tells Taste of Country. “Somebody was telling me the other day, if you compare it to basketball, you and your wife are playing zone defense. Now, with two, it’s like man to man. It gets a little tougher [laughs]. It’s true.

“It’s tougher because there’s two of them,” continues Moore. “There’s two baths, two of them to eat, and all that stuff, but it’s a whole lot of fun.”

Moore even survived his first weekend run on the road with his whole family in tow — his mother included. “It was the first time having them out since Kennedy was born,” notes the proud papa. “Kennedy did great … she really did. And Ella slept in a bunk for the first time. She’s been on the bus, but she hadn’t slept in a bunk before. She slept til like 9:30 one morning – that’s three hours later than she normally sleeps. She likes it!”

And according to the singer, his oldest tot also likes being a big sister! “She loves it,” beams Moore. “We didn’t really know how she was going to handle it. We were kind of scared that she would be jealous, but she loves it. She’s becoming more and more of a daddy’s girl because mama’s got to do all kinds of stuff with Kennedy that I’m not equipped to do, if you know what I mean!”

As you can clearly see from the darling family photo above, the Moores make beautiful babies … so will there be more to come? “I would say that we’ll at least have one more,” says Moore. “We’ll see. We always said we wanted four or five … I don’t know if we’ll make it there, but I think we’ll definitely want to have another one. I’d love to have a boy. I’m so into sports – not that my girls can’t play sports – but I’d love to have a little boy. If it’s in the cards, great, if it ain’t, that’s fine, too.”

Moore headed back out on Blake Shelton‘s Well Lit and Amplified Tour this week, with stops spread across several states. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be rolling.

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