News broke last month that Justin Moore and his wife, Kate, are expecting baby number three! Now, the happy family is busy going over possible names for the baby on the way.

The singer and Kate are already the proud parents of two adorable little girls, Kennedy Faye, 2, and Ella Kole, almost 4. You'd think it'd be easy to come up with a name -- especially if they're blessed with their first boy -- but Moore says that isn't the case.

"We have a name that we’ve always wanted to name a boy if we had a boy, and now Kate doesn't want to do it," he explains to Country Weekly. "We’re going to have to get to thinking about it."

However, the Moore family is used to procrastinating on names. They waited until the last minute with their youngest daughter, so they might not be feeling the pressure yet.

"With [our youngest daughter] Kennedy, I think it was probably a week before she was born before we knew her name," the singer says with a laugh. "I think it gets harder with the more you have, I guess!"

Being the hands-on dad that he is, Moore's touring schedule will slow down a bit around the baby's summer due date so he can help out at home.

"I’m not going to play but 100 shows this year," the star admits. "I think we played 140 or 150 last year and 200 the previous year, so I’m really backing it down quite a bit. I was going to do that anyway [before we knew we were expecting again]."

"We’re pretty much playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights all year. In the summertime, we'll have some random days because of some of the fairs and festivals," Moore continues, "So if we play 100 shows, I’ll be home a couple hundred days this year, which will be nice."

You can catch Justin Moore on his headlining Off the Beaten Path Tour before Baby Moore makes his or her appearance.

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