Tom Brokaw is going to be in Bozeman August 25th for the Joe Foss Stars In Service event.  It's a fundraiser for the Joe Foss Institute.   I started with that, because that's the part I'm most excited about, as a former news anchor!

The Joe Foss Institute is an organization dedicated to inspiring America's youth to patriotic public service. It is their vision to preserve America's freedom for future generations.   They are guided by these five values: freedom, patriotism, integrity, service, and character.

Simply put, the Joe Foss Institute wants to make sure our kids don't forget what made this country what it is.  Our Veterans and their sacrifices.  The Institute makes it possible for Veterans to go into the schools and teach our kids things they can't learn in books.

If you're interested in the event, or getting involved, click here.

Also, click below for the XL Country Morning Show interview with the President and CEO of The Joe Foss Institute, Lucian Spataro, and Gary Perry, committee member.