When you’re the young daughters of superstar Jason Aldean, whose career is literally smokin’ hot, it’s hard to not fall in love with the same career choice as Dad. Aldean’s two youngsters, Keeley (9) and Kendyl (4), have found that love, but the level of seriousness for their future is still in question.

“They do have a love for music, I do know that,” Aldean reveals to Taste of Country. “It’s funny … we were going out to eat last night, and an Adele song came on the radio. My 4-year-old’s back there singing at the top of her lungs. I kind of looked at my wife and I said, ‘Well if they want to be a singer and pattern themselves after somebody, that would be a good one!’ [laughs].”

“They sing everything,” continues Aldean. “They know songs on the radio that I’ve never heard of, and they’re back there singing them. They definitely have a love for it. Whether or not it’s going to consume them like it did Dad, I don’t know. If it does, it does. It would be something that I would definitely encourage them to do and kind of give them my two cents worth. But I’d encourage them if they came to me and wanted to be an architect, you know what I’m saying?”

There is only one thing that would hold him back from giving his daughters the green light to pursue music. “If they’re terrible, that’s where it’s going to get a little sketchy,” he says with a grin. “If they’re awful and they think they can sing good, then you’ve got to be a parent and be encouraging, but at the same time, you don’t want them going out and embarrassing themselves either [laughs]! So we’ll see. They do have a love for it, but I don’t know to what extent yet.”

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