Japanese residents living in Bozeman are planning a fund raiser on March 27th to help gain support for the devastated people in Japan. The fundraiser will be at I-Hos Korean Grill and will be selling Japanese food. The Japanese population in Bozeman have reported that their families are safe in Japan but their hearts go out to all of the people suffering in their native country. See how you can help inside.

MSU Students are also planning to have a fundraiser after school resumes after Spring Break.


Gail Schontsler - Bozeman Daily Chronicle

"It makes me just teary to think about it," Ishibashi said. "It makes my heart crush really bad."

Instead of sitting glued to a screen, Ishibashi is taking action, getting together with other members of the community to organize a fundraiser for earthquake victims.

She is working with I-Ho Pomeroy, owner of I-Ho's Grill; Ted Watanabe, owner of Watanabe's Japanese Restaurant; and Masaki Uchida, an assistant research professor of chemistry at MSU since 2004.

They're planning a Japanese food sale on Sunday, March 27, from noon to 3 p.m. at I-Ho's Korean Grill, 1216 W. Lincoln St.

"I have to keep myself busy, to feel I'm helping," said Ishibashi, who earned a master's degree in computer science at Montana State University and worked about nine years with RightNow Technology.

Uchida said when he heard the news of the massive magnitude 9 earthquake, he worried about friends and former colleagues in Sendai, a city hit hard by the tsunami. He sent out e-mail messages and heard back from friends in a few days.

"Most of them turned out, they're fine," Uchida said. His friends were at the local university, far from the coast.

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