You can look at all of the travel websites, online reviews and social media posts you want, but there's still a chance someone missed tiny bugs crawling around their pillow when writing their glowing recommendation for the hotel you just booked.

Signs You Just Slept With Bedbugs

No one wants their vacation ruined by bedbugs after finding small itchy bites on their skin. But there are plenty of other signs besides itchy bites that could indicate you slept with bedbugs.

WebMD recommends looking or the following signs of bedbugs:

The actual presence of bedbugs in your bed. The bugs will be about the size of Abraham Lincoln's head on a penny.

  • Visible blood spots on the sheets or mattress
  • Black dots approximately the size of a period. This is likely bedbug poop.
  • White eggs about the size of an apple seed.
  • Tiny pale yellow eggs
  • Freshly shedded skin from bedbugs.
  • Your hotel room smells sweet and musty.

All The Places You Might Not Think To Check For Bedbugs

Their name can be misleading. Bedbugs will likely be found in several places within an infested hotel room in addition to the bed.

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests taking a look at these places you might not think to check for signs of bedbugs:

  • Seams of chairs and couches
  • Between cushions
  • Folds of curtains
  • Drawer joints
  • Electrical receptacles and appliances
  • Under loose wallpaper
  • Backside of wall hangings
  • Junction of wall and ceiling
  • Heads of screws

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