Montana is a beautiful place and Fall is one of the best times of the year to witness the splendor of the state. In many places, bright yellow groves of aspen trees sprawl across mountainsides and create picturesque landscapes that will take your breath away. There are several places in Montana where you can take in all of the fall colors, but one city in the state was named one of America's top destinations for Fall.

Fall Colors in Montana
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Fall in Montana can be hit or miss. Mother Nature sometimes decides to skip a season, a go straight into winter. You only have a short window to enjoy the cooler temperatures and colorful displays in Montana before everything gets covered in a sheet of white. Fortunately, it hasn't started snowing yet, so you still have time to get outside and see the state in all of its Fall glory.

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Going for a hike is one of the best ways to truly experience the Fall season in Montana. You can get off the grid and breathe in refreshing cool mountain air. According to the Smoky Mountain Fall Foliage Prediction Map, your best chance to see peak Fall colors in Montana is during the first half of October.

If you're searching for the best place in the state to see all of the pretty colors, the folks at Travel Pulse put together a list of the top Fall travel destinations for each state.

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Where is the Best Place to See Fall Colors in Montana?

To be honest, we were a bit surprised by the location in Montana that was included on the list. Bozeman was named the best Fall travel destination in the state.

Spend your Friday afternoon hiking trails with the locals, a set of paths that are particularly glorious in Autumn. Then, tailgate with the Montana State students and alumni on Saturday, or if the Bobcats are playing a road game, just spend the day shopping and dining. On Sunday, make a loop through Yellowstone National Park, which is located less than two hours away to complete a hat trick of Autumn activities you can't do in any other destination.

Where is your favorite place to see the beautiful Fall colors in Montana? Send us a message on our radio station app and let us know!

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