Disc golf has come a very long way in Montana over the last couple of decades. There are disc golf courses all over the state along with events and tournaments in just about every town. You can even (legit) play disc golf in some Montana State Parks.

Even though I was never super hard core about it, we played all the time when I was in college at Montana State. But that was back in the 90s, and we had ample access to Bohart Ranch up Bridger Canyon, just past Bridger Bowl.

Man - we didn't realize how good we had it back then. That place was amazing. We could just wander around the gorgeous forest to proper baskets any day of the week. I think the suggested donation was $4 a person? I just remember it was never crowded and a fantastic place to learn disc golf. And now it's gone.

These days, the Montana disc golf community has all sorts of courses to explore across the state, AND many online groups who are dedicated to the sport and working together to improve courses. Montana tournament and event info is easier to find than ever.

Let's be clear - not all of these courses are 'hidden' by any means. We've included all sorts of disc golf courses across Montana, but really wanted to highlight the lesser known courses. That makes it easier to find one when you're traveling around the state.

Disc Golf dics
Disc Golf discs - photo Michelle Wolfe

From northern Montana to the very edge of southwest Montana (Chico Hot Spring course), we're actually packed with very decent courses of all kinds. There are mountain courses and city park courses - something for everyone, really.

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You'll find below there are also lots of disc golf CLUBS listed, which are great resources for local info and courses. Some of the clubs and groups only have Facebook pages, and others have full websites. Also, some courses are private so you'll have to play with a member or join if you can.

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