Montana is full of mysteries.

And in this age of social media attention, the outside world does a pretty good job of recycling those stories, including one of Montana's lonely places for lost cars.

First getting attention in 2012, the remote "car cemetery" is back in the news again thanks to a recent YouTube video from a Washington State car collector.

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New attention for a fun Montana "secret"

This week, the tabloid-leaning Daily Mail picked out the story, which had originally made the rounds a dozen years ago. The new story is tied around a YouTube video posted by LambvinskisGarage last fall, which includes an entertaining walkthrough of the rural site, which contains hundreds of cars. While there are a lot of later-model cars and trucks, the video shows some real treasures, including forgotten classics from the post-war era.

Montana cars
An old Jeep pickup and buses await their fate. YouTube,LambvinskisGarage

Truck fans, or people hoping to repurpose an old bus, would go wild wandering through here.

Montana cars
Trucks and more trucks; YouTube,LambvinskisGarage

The video doesn't give the yard's location, which the host says has been in existence since the 1970s. And he keeps the details under wraps because the owners aren't interested in being inundated.

Montana trucks
This old truck waits for rust, or a new buyer, to be claimed; YouTube,LambvinskisGarage

But I spotted a problem

The Daily UK article, and the ones spun off of it in the past couple of days, references another famous post from 2012, complete with pics. The problem is, it appears those famous pictures, and the video, aren't showing the same location. Just check the mountain skyline. It doesn't match up to my eye. But I'm just a Montana boy. What do I know?

If you can set me straight, send me an email.

Montana cars

Montana still has plenty of cars for treasure hunters

When I-90 was built it was a big tool for car hunters, because now you could see a lot more backyards, barns, and ranches. I remember the stretch east of Missoula was full of old cars my dad and I would love to spot back in the 70s.

While many of those cars were either recovered or scrapped years ago, there are still "barn finds" from time to time. While many of our wrecking yards are vanishing, Montana is still a great car-hunting country. Check out this video of a famous location in Billings, and there's always Montana Treasure Island near Belt if you want to check it out this summer.

Happy hunting!

Missoula Muscle Cars

Five Valleys Ford Club loves their cars

Gallery Credit: Dennis Bragg

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