This one seems like a bit of a head-scratcher.

You'd think with the alleged UFO sightings, the alleged Big Foot sightings, and the various haunted locations all over Montana, that Montana, as a state would rank high for being a spooky state. But that's not the case.

Vivint, the home security company, came out with its ranking of spooky states and Montana, surprisingly, is considered one of the least spooky states. They say, "We ranked them based on the number of ghost sightings and haunted places within the state." With those parameters, these are the top 5 spookiest states, according to them:

5. Ohio

4. Michigan

3. Pennsylvania

2. Texas

1. California

Meanwhile, Montana ranked 48 out of 50 for spooky states (we only beat Alaska and Delaware).

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That being said, a Montana city did make the top 5 for a particular type of spook.

Billings, Montana a Top Ranked City for Ghost Sightings

You'd think a if Montana has a city known for ghost sightings, the whole state would probably be known for haunted places.

With the Moss Mansion being Montana's most haunted house, I could see Billings being ranked for having a lot of ghost sightings.

Not only is the Moss Mansion known to give people the heebie-jeebies, but I've been in the basement of the Yellowstone Art Museum and it gave me the willies. People also say the Dude Rancher Lodge has been the site of some hauntings. I've also heard a story about people seeing the ghosts of World War II soldiers near Montana Ave.

Billings also is home to renowned psychic and angel translator Danielle Egnew, who is known for leading haunted tours in eastern Montana. Our pal KC is part of Tortured Souls Investigations, and they are also known for looking into paranormal activity all around the state.

Maybe there is one secret still being kept about Montana, and that's how spooky it really is.

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