When it comes to chain restaurants and fast food eateries, I wouldn't say I am an expert, but I would say I have enjoyed my fair share of different dining experiences across Montana and the west. With kids in sports, and in-laws that live out of state, I can't help but to travel, and eat. I almost always enjoy eating at places that aren't available in Montana, I try to make it an exciting experience. Speaking of fast food and chain restaurants, in case you missed it, of the top 10 "America's Favorite Chain Restaurants", none of them are located in Montana.

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Sometimes it is fun to eat at a restaurant that, I don't always get to experience. They may have a location in Montana, but not where I live. For example, there are only two Sonic Drive-Ins in Montana. There is one in Great Falls and one in Billings. For me, eating at them, is a treat. There are two popular fast food franchises that don't have locations in Montana. That may be changing soon. The same company that owns Jack In The Box and Del Taco have announced big plans for expansion and that will include locations in Montana.

Jack In The Box and Del Taco Have Commitments to Come to Montana

According Food Service Equipment Reports, Jack In The Box reportedly signed 123 new restaurant commitments in 2023, including in some states that don't have locations. There will be locations coming to Arkansas, Florida, Wyoming and Montana. Del Taco has also signed 138 commitments, including Montana. These are big numbers for the company. Where or when we see locations in Montana hasn't been announced yet. But it looks like there are commitments that they are coming to the state.

Plan That Road Trip for Popular Food

I have eaten at a Jack In The Box in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. I personally like their food. I have only eaten at a Del Taco once, in Washington, and it was good. Depending on where these locations will eventually be in Montana, there is a pretty good chance that I will be eating at both of them, even if that means taking a road trip.

50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants in America

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Gallery Credit: Paul Feinstein

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