Montana Fly Fishing  Is In The Spotlight On Netflix

Right now (as of writing), the number one most streamed movie on Netflix is a movie called, "Mending The Line".

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Why Am I Talking About A Netflix Movie?

What they leave out of the synopsis is that the Marine winds up in Montana.  The Marine gets involved with the very real Warriors and Quiet Waters program here in Big Sky Country. More on Warriors and Quiet Waters below.

Rotten Tomatoes has it rated pretty high: Tomato Meter, 80%/Audience Score, 82%.

Best of all, it was filmed here in Montana in 2022, so while you enjoy the movie, you can pick out places you've been and places you've fished.

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You can check out the preview here.

What Is Warriors And Quiet Waters?

It's a program out of Bozeman that give veterans a peaceful environment that is far removed from combat, doctors and hospitals at Quiet Waters Ranch.  They're surrounded by loving volunteers and the ranch is ADA-accessible.

The program is designed to help veterans find their purpose in life as a civilian, empowering veterans and their loved ones to thrive in purpose-driven lives on multiple levels.

Warriors and Quiet Waters is very impressive.  I urge you to click here and see all they do for our veterans and their families.

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