What Is the Most Popular Holiday Drink in Montana?

In any given season, there is a certain celebration that will take place.  For instance, fall brings us everything pumpkin.  Summer seems to bring out the fruity flavors.  So, with winter in full swing along with the holidays, there is another favorite that is showing up at parties everywhere.

What are the favorite drinks that Montana's are imbibing in?  Do you think they should be a hot beverage on something with ice in it?

We Aren't Talking Just Regular Type Drinks in the State

A time-honored tradition in central Montana is that of the famous City Bar Tom and Jerry's.  But believe it or not, the Tom and Jerry isn't the favorite across the state.

Across the nation, Christmas Punch is the number one thing people love to down.  Mix a little juice, cider, rum, sparkling wine and fresh fruit and you are ready to go!  Plus, this is a great drink for everyone in the family, including the kids!  Other favorites according to Taste of Home?  Those include eggnog, cranberry mimosas, even Irish coffees.

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Thank Goodness We Chose a Hot Beverage for the Cold Temps

In Montana, we chose to be a little warmer with our drinks than some of the other states out there.  Making the number one on the list in our state?  Well, apparently, we all turn in to pirates in the winter.


Montana's favorite holiday cocktail is the hot buttered rum drink.  We share that distinction with Washington, Idaho and Alaska.  All the cold weather areas love the heat of this sugary, spicy, boozy kind of drink.  What about you?  Is this your go to drink for the winter and the holidays?

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