Worst Western City in America?

"This area is just depressing."

That's the opinion stated in the video titled "These Are THE Worst Western Cities, According to the People Who Live There," produced by "Stuck In The Kernfield"

Opinions are like, well I won't finish that quote, but you know what I mean.

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I just want to say first and foremost that the video here was not made by anyone with Townsquare Media or anyone involved with any Montana radio station.

However, if you asked anyone in Montana their opinion about the town named in the video, you might find some pretty similar takes as the videos narrator.

Right or wrong, there are some pretty sobering stats about this city.

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Worst City In Montana?

According to the video this city in Montana,

  • Has a crime rate of 62% higher than the Montana Average
  • Has a violent crime rate 96% higher than the National Average
  • Is safer than just 6% of all cities in America

Those are not exactly great stats for trying to disprove video.

But there is hopefully change on the horizon.

From the website Niche, one user had this review about the town in question,

I like that we have strong, ambitious younger generations that want to see change in our town. I like that we get the view of the Rocky Mountains. We need change in how our town handles drug users and drug addiction. I would also like to see more activity places for young adolescents

Hopefully more people strive to be the change they want to see and this town can revitalize itself.

Check out the Montana city and other western cities "Stuck In The Kernfield" claim are the worst western cities in America in the gallery below. 👇

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