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Montana is a tourism state and the nice thing about living in the Mountain west, is that not only can we rely on tourism dollars during the summer months, but we can also count on them during the winter as well.

With so many places to enjoy during the winter months, it's no surprise that Montana has a few places that are considered to the be greatest in America.

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USA Today has recently put out a new "10 Best Readers Choice" list that allows readers to vote on what they think are the best places to enjoy during the winter.

While I am surprised that a few categories didn't have Montana as a nominee, Montana does find itself nominated in two different categories for us to vote on that we've got listed below.

Keep scrolling to see what 3 Montana towns made the list of the 50 of coziest towns to visit this winter 👇

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Best Cross-Country Ski Resort

Homestake Lodge: Whitehall, Montana

A woman cross country skiing with her dog

The Resort At Paws-Up: Greenough, Montana

A family having a snow ball fight

When guests of The Resort at Paws Up tire of lift lines and ski boots but still desire a bit of adventure, they're encouraged to check out the tubing hill behind the Sacagawea Estate. Tubes of various sizes are provided free of charge, and guests are welcome to "test the limits of gravity" any time of day.

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