TV watching in the 80s and 90s was a bit more of an event and something the whole family did together. There was one show that I think everyone could agree on when it came time to watch and that was "Unsolved Mysteries."

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This show was one of my favorites to watch when I was a kid. What was not there to like; from that music, the dramatization of the mysteries and of course Robert Stack's gentle voice overs.

I would watch the episodes and wish I could solve one of these mysteries. I was always on the lookout for the most wanted people from the episodes. I was sure that little 10 year old me was going to be the one to crack the case.


Montana is no stranger to unsolved cases and 7 times Montana was featured on "Unsolved Mysteries." When the episodes aired only one Montana case was solved at the time of it's airing. The murder of John and Nancy Bosco was solved by a psychic by the name of Dannion Brinkley. Dannion was highlighted in an episode about the afterlife and they mentioned how he had solved the murder of John and Nancy.

Two other cases have since been solved in the time that their episodes originally aired. That means there are still four cases that are still unsolved here in Montana. Could you be the one to solve them? As Robert Stack would remind viewers at the end of an episode, "For every mystery, someone somewhere knows the truth, perhaps that someone is watching, perhaps it's you."

If you watch the videos they will start right at the part that involves Montana.

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