What is the smallest town in Montana?

Montana's population just went over the one million mark, which means for most of our history it's been a state populated by small towns.

In recent years, some of those small towns have become REALLY small towns.

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The strange thing about finding out what town is the smallest town in Montana is the answer is basically on who you ask.

The websites Wikipedia, Montana Demographics and World Population Review all give different answers.

So let's take a look at what each site says is the smallest town in Montana.

A google maps screenshot of Ismay Montana
Google Maps

Ismay, MT

World Population Review says Ismay is the smallest town in Montana with a population of 20.

You may remember that Ismay was the town in the 90s that changed their name to Joe for a year when Joe Montana signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

A google maps screenshot of Niarada Montana
Google Maps

Niarada, MT

When it comes to the population of Niarada, the website Montana Demographics says their population is 4.

You may be thinking, "wait the title of this article said that the smallest town in Montana had a population of 6."

That's true, and why it's titled that is because when you look up the population of Niarada on Wikipedia, they say the population is 28.

A google maps screenshot of Bloomfield Montana
Google Maps

Bloomfield, MT

That brings us to Bloomfield and how we think it's the smallest town in Montana.

According to Montana Demographics Bloomfield has a population of 5.

So while they are the smallest on their list, Wikipedia on the other hand lists their population at 6.

Which would then make Bloomfield the smallest town in Montana in our eyes.

What do you think? What town is the smallest in Montana, one of these 3, or do you know another?

Let us know on through our App or on Social Media.

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