A Brilliant Idea From Washington State That Montana Should Copy

We hear all the time about how crime is on the rise in Montana, and because of that safety is something a lot of residents are concerned about.

That's why I think to help protect people in Montana we should copy a fantastic idea from the West Richland Police Department in Washington State.

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A Safe Zone In Montana

Most people when they hear the world "safe zone" may scoff at it and think of "snowflakes" or perhaps even being "woke."

This time though I think everyone can agree this would be a smart idea that truly does make everyone safer in Montana.

Especially those who do plenty of online selling and reselling on places like Facebook.

A hand holding a piece of chalk underlines the words "safe zone"

How Does The Safe Exchange Work?

If you have sold or bought anything off an online marketplace and then had to meet up with a stranger you know how unnerving that can be.

Well the West Richland Police Department has set up a "Safe Exchange Zone" in front of their Police Department.

Here how it works according to their post on Facebook,

The West Richland Police Department would like the public to know there is a safe exchange area in the police department parking lot. This area is to the left of the front doors. There are cameras to further assist in keeping people honest and safe. This can be used for a meet up for purchases made online, child exchange or for other reasons you would feel necessary.

We think this is a great idea, not just for marketplace sellers, but for anyone who needs to feel safe when meeting with someone they might not feel safe around.

Here's hoping that Montana Police Departments can implement their own versions.

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