What Conspiracy Theory Lurks In Montana?

I love conspiracy theories, I don't believe in any of them, but I love them all the same.

I think what I love most about them is the crazy "what if" ideas that can come from them when talking about them.

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In recent years more and more people are starting to believe in conspiracy theories that just a few years ago were only believed by a handful of people.

Look no further than the rise in popularity of the the flat earth movement.

In fact, plenty of Montanans believe in the conspiracy theory of lizard people as it's the most searched one in our state.

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Well it turns out that Montana is home to a conspiracy theory that people travel from all over the globe in the hopes they'll be the one to prove it true.

The website Cheapism has detailed a road trip of all the biggest conspiracy theories in America and Montana comes in with the 12th biggest one.

Flathead Lake with a cartoon Loch Ness Monster
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The Flathead Lake Monster

Here is what Cheapism said above our beloved "Flessie,"

For more than a century, Montanans have talked about the Flathead Lake Monster. The giant serpent has reportedly been spotted in Flathead Lake, with the first recorded sighting taking place in 1889 from a steamboat. The monster is supposedly 30 to 40 feet long, and there have been 109 reported sightings to date.

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