Montana's Most Popular Candy Is Gross

There I said it and I don't feel bad about it.

Perhaps you didn't read Jason Laird's article about what type of candy was Montana's most popular.

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I'll give you a moment to go and read his article so you can see just how gross it is.

Okay, welcome back to everyone that went and read the article.

For those of you who didn't, here is what candy is the most popular in Montana.

An infographic showing what each states favorite candy is
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Hot Tamales Aren't The Worst, But Are They The Best?

I don't wanna make anyone who loves Hot Tamales feel bad, but you have bad taste in candy.

How can this be the most popular candy in the state.

At a quick glance I thought that Montana was the only state that had it as the top choice, but turns out people in Vermont have horrible taste in candy as well. This isn't the first time I've been surprised by what Montana people have picked as their favorite.

A man with his back to the camera hands on head with question marks surrounding him

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That's is why I have decided to take it upon myself and give you 10 candies that are better than Hot Tamales.

Yes I get that this is subjective, and it's just for fun, but I think once you see the list you'll agree with me.

Kids (and adults) in Montana deserve better when it comes to candy, so check out 10 candies I feel are better than Montana's most popular candy.

10 Candy’s That Are Better Than Montana’s Most Popular

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