Not only is today the first day of August, but it's also #NATIONALGIRLFRIENDSDAY!  Ladies, don't have a man? Fellas don't have a woman? Don't worry! The day was actually created for women to get together and celebrate friendship!

Here's what you should know about #nationalgirlfriendsday.

1. National Girlfriends Day is celebrated every year on August 1st.

2. It originated in the United States

3. It is a day when girlfriends get together to celebrate their special bond of friendship.

4. The day is not really about platonic relationships, rather “It’s a day that reminds us to cherish all the women we know – girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, etc. – who make our lives better.”

5. It is celebrated by going out to lunch spending time with your girlfriend/girlfriends.

6. To show that you appreciate those ‘girlfriends’ in your life, post on social media using #NationalGirlfriendsDay.