Since moving to Bozeman a little over a month ago, I've been working pretty much nonstop. I try to squeeze in a little "me" time to keep the stress from getting the best of me.

Here are five of my favorite things to do to relax around Bozeman


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    Norris Hot Springs

    Norris Hot Springs in only about 45 minutes west of Bozeman, and it’s definitely worth the trip! They serve food right next to the pool and beverages from local businesses. They even have live music on the weekends! From Bozeman, head west on Huffine. go through Four Corners and keep heading straight. From Four Corners it's about a 20 minute drive

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    Take a Drive

    There are many beautiful sights to see not only around Bozeman, but throughout Montana in general. Whether it's a short trip up to Fairy Lake or a day trip travelling along the Beartooth Highway, Montana has no shortage of amazing scenery!

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    One of my favorite things to do when I need to unwind is go fishing. I haven't been here long, but have already found a few really nice fishing spots. The Gallatin River is a great choice, but do to restrictions cant't be fished after 2 p.m. Just pick a spot on the map, and go! There are many great places to fish in Montana.

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    Go for a Hike

    One of the first things I purchased upon arriving in Bozeman was a book titled "Day Hikes Around Bozeman, Montana." It's a great resource for those who want to get out and explore all of the great hiking trails around Bozeman. You can find it for sale in local bookstores and on Amazon.

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    Take XL Country With You

    Whatever you plan to do to unwind, make sure to take 100.7 XL Country along with you. If you need a soundtrack to your next roadtrip, we play all of your favorites all the time!