Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to the Gallatin Valley Mall to have their child's car seats checked. We had a terrific turnout and I know I learned a great deal about keeping Sweet Baby James safe while he's in our vehicle. Here are three things I learned on Saturday:

  • 4 out of 5 Bozeman area parents have their car seats installed incorrectly. I know, personally, putting in our child car seat was not easy. After watching the technicians and fireman putting these seats in properly for people on Saturday, it made me feel better about our struggle with the car seat. They are not easy to put in, which in one reason they're usually not installed correctly.
  • Some child car seats have been recalled. If you someone missed a recall on yours, Child Care Connections here locally can check to see if yours is on the list. They may even be able to correct what is needed to be fixed on your child's seat.
  • Which way your child sits in the chair (front facing or rear facing) is really more about their height and weight, rather than their age. Children should ride in front-facing car seats with harness until they reach the height or weight limits of the harness.

If you haven't had your child's seat checked out by a Child Passenger Safety Technician, please do so. Not only does your child deserve it, but I know it gave me peace of mind to know our seat is installed properly.

For more info on where to get your child's car seat checked, call Jessi at 406.223.1991. Also, be sure to visit the Child Care Connections website at