Are you like me and planning a trip in the next couple of months? My trip is going to be out of the country, so my question is, "Do I need to be concerned about the new Delta Variant?" I headed to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Website to see if there was any insight into my questions. Click above to see their latest Covid updates.

Delta is brought up almost every single day it seems. Rising cases in and out of the hospitals, more people getting vaccinated, and more people wondering about holiday travel. I have been planning this trip for some time, and with the recent surge, I have been looking at all my options for refunds, date changes, all the fun stuff that comes with the possibility of having to change or cancel a flight. I have not booked my ticket yet, but I will need to in the next week or so. Luckily the price hasn't gone completely to the moon, but I am sure that is coming.

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Here is what I think I found and understand, I could be wrong, that's where you guys come in. HELP!

DELTA: If you cancel within 24 hours it seems like you are good to go for a refund. Here is what I didn't know! A Basic Economy get nothing. It is "not permitted". Now here is the issue, that's what I purchase. When I am flying alone, I don't care who I sit by as long as I am on the plane and that ticket is usually cheaper. My guess is I will know more than 24 hours in advance if my flight will not be traveling to another country. Fingers crossed!

UNITED: So the same things as Delta, you have 24 hours to cancel. Now after that, you have to have a "qualifying" ticket to get the other perks of canceling or rescheduling. I have come to the conclusion that downloading the United App is the easiest way to navigate this.

ALASKA AIR: Personally, from what I have read, Alaska Air basically has the same concept as the others. You have 24 hours to cancel or changes your reservation without a fee. After 24 hours you will be charged a fee plus the price increase of the ticket if the price goes up.

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I was hoping to find an airline that just lets you change things. Cancel your flight. Things happen, and not just covid! But I do suppose, this is a business world so if fees are what keep you flying, I will just accept it, and pray I know more than 24 hours in advance if I need to reschedule my travel plans.

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If you haven't gone to an airport recently, you should know that it is a madhouse again. I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles. I flew out of Newark Liberty International Airport and it was packed. You wouldn't think we are getting past a pandemic. The only thing that made the whole airport experience a little weird was wearing a face mask the entire time. 

Checking in your luggage, getting your boarding pass, and going through TSA had zero social distancing with a bunch of sweaty bodies trying to get in right away. It somewhat felt good getting the feeling of more normalcy. But it was still weird because it has been so long since people acted normal. 

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