is now in the Jackpot.

We appreciate everyone who's downloaded the XL Country App, so we're going to try and help you figure out Dave & Ally's Secret Sound brought to you by Kenyon Noble. Below are the incorrect guesses we've received so far.

1. Bowl on the table

2. Water bottle rolling on the counter

3. Bird

4. Spring door stop

5. Bowling ball going down the lane

6. Whipping antenna

7. Upside down cup on a table

8. Spring being sprung

9. Bottle spinning

10. Bow and arrow

11. Spring door stop

12. Wobble of a washing machine

13. Bobblehead

14. Pen writing on a table

15. Waving a sheet of plastic

16. Spring door stop

17. Jiggling saw

18. Sheet of metal

19. Bowling ball return

20. Garbage can

21. Cell phone vibrating

22. Bouncy ball

23. Speed punching bag

24. Diving board

25. Roping Lasso

26. Electric pencil sharpener

27. Rubbing a balloon

28. Paint can shaker

29. Plastic ruler

30. Dropped microphone

31. Balloon inside a container

32. Spinning dishwasher arm

33. Chair spinning

34. Spinning top

35. Bingo ball tumbler

36. Marbles

37. Shovel

38. Key grinder

39. Rolling microphone

40. Arcade game

41. Empty toilet paper roll

42. Train tracks

43. Manhole cover

44. Coin on a countertop

45. Road sign

46. Frisbee

47. Rubber band

48. Coffee Maker

49. Microphone

50. Spinning prize wheel

51. Basketball

52. Whoppie cushion

53. Salad spinner

54. Microphone lever arm

Here's How to Play & Win

  • Each weekday morning at 6:40a, 7:40a, 8:40a, & 9:40a Dave & Ally will play the Secret Sound and give caller #7 at (406) 582-1061 a guess at what they believe the secret sound is. 
  • The jackpot starts at $500 and will increase $25 with each incorrect guess they receive. That means each day they don't get a winner, the jackpot goes up $100.
  • The secret sound will ONLY be played for you to hear at 6:40 & 7:40 & 8:40 & 9:40 each weekday morning. 
  • To see a list of the incorrect guesses that we have received, go to the Secret Sound button on the XL Country app. This is important because you don't want to blow a guess if you're lucky enough to get through to Dave & Ally on the phone. If you don't have the XL app to view the incorrect guesses download it for Free in your Google Play or Apple Store.

You must be 21 to play & win. Winner must reside within 100 miles of Bozeman.

Good luck, and thank you, Kenyon Noble, for the cash!

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