I don't know about you, but I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time. Lent begins tomorrow, leading up to Easter. A lot of people use this time to reflect and give up something like sweets or caffeine. My mom told me about this idea she saw on Facebook. The idea that for Lent, one could choose to get rid of 40 bags of stuff in 40 days.

It could be trash bag size, or it could be grocery bag size. Whatever the bag, maybe it's stuff you want to donate to charity or just a bag of trash. Every bit helps to clear out clutter and can be a huge help in creating peace of mind.

You can reflect on what you really need and what truly matters in life and also help others by donating items you no longer need. At the end of the 40 days, imagine how much lighter you could feel! And even if you only got to one bag every other day, every bag you are able to part with will help in the quest to have less clutter, less stuff to deal with, and therefore, less "overwhelm." Good luck!

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