Why am I awake right now!  Well I have a little girl that's going to be popping into my life in a couple of months!  Therefore it is only logical to be looking at strollers at 9:30 at night!  Why stroller shopping sucks--- 

Looking around the web their is a ridiculous amount of strollers to choose from.  I honestly have no idea where to start---  So lets google "how do I know what kind of stroller to buy?"  Of course a million websites later we have an article.

First: "Determine the stroller that best fits your lifestyle."  Are you kidding me?  I want a stroller that will hold my beer and play my XL Country--- Ok maybe that is a little inappropriate for my little girl.  How about a stroller that can pop wheelies--- I really should get one that does this, I'm not the calmest driver so we better get her used to it.

Second: "Travel Systems"  Now we are talking!  Gadgetry!  This means a stroller that is a car seat that is a bed that is a mini fridge that doubles as a go cart with Bluetooth and GPS---- Perfect lets make my life more confusing!

Third:  I give up---- Time for sleep.  Now I'm gonna dream about strollers with spinners on the wheels and a boombox built into it!


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