A Montana man is clearly not a fan of our United States Senator Jon Tester. I'm not quite sure he took the proper route to show his dislike for the Senator, but what he did/said, has got him a free stay at the county jail.

45-year-old Kevin Smith is being charged with two counts of threats to injure and murder a United States Senator, which is in fact is a felony. He has pleaded not guilty, and after you read the voicemails, I am not sure the not-guilty plea will work in his favor.


Here is one of the voicemails, in which Smith acknowledged he did in fact leave. Again, Smith has enters a plea of not guilty.

...there is nothing more than to have you stand toe to toe with me. You stand toe to toe with me. I rip your head off. You die. You stand in a situation where it is physical between you and me. You die.".... "I will never stop....and I would love to destroy you and rip your f***ing head from your shoulders. That is no problem. Call that a threat. Send the FBI.

I mean...this isn't necessarily the way we should be expressing our dislike for any person, let alone a United States Senator.

In another voicemail left by Smith, he didn't leave out more threats.

No one with any understanding of anything pulls the trigger. Unless they know what they're shooting at. I guaran-dodamn-tee you. My trigger doesn't get pulled until I know what I'm shooting at. And when I know what I'm shooting at, and I've decided it's dead, it gets pulled. And there's no if ands or buts about it. And there's no coming back from that

As you can see, Smith's lack of passion for Senator Tester goes beyond not agreeing with the Senator's views. It seems as though Smith has a real hatred for the Senator and if he wasn't behind bars, he may have attempted to act on these threats.

Smith will be having his preliminary pretrial on March 8th.

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