Just thinking about how an amazing experience they could make the state championship gives me goosebumps.

The Montana High School Association's Football State Playoffs are in full swing right now with the semifinals for most classes happening this weekend. Playoff high school football is an incredible feeling and a great experience for fans, parents, and the players themselves. Traveling, playing in front of fans, and winning games to the championship is amazing, but can we make it better? Yes.

Here's the thing, I think we could make the high school playoffs even better. Why don't we have the state championships hosted at either Montana State's Bobcat Stadium or the University of Montana's Washington-Grizzly Stadium every year? Think about it, how amazing of an experience that would be for your team to be playing where some of your favorite college football players compete mostly every Saturday.

I'm not saying we have all the games at one venue but you could have the AA games at one and the A and B games at the other venue. Then switch every year. This would help with travel, accommodations and can fit a lot more fans in the stands. Plus, this would give the football players a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The only sad part is that the eight-man and six-man football class football wouldn't be able to be accommodated due to their field size. The Montana High School Association would also need to make sure the Grizzlies and the Bobcats schedule away games on those weekends but that's an easy detail to have done.

Most states do this for their high school state football championships so why don't we do the same and give the state football championships the royal treatment. I am all for it.

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