If you've ever tried dipping a chip at a party and had it break off into the bowl, it's because you're doing it wrong, and we're about to blow your mind.

According to a structural engineer, the way most of us dip chips is structurally unsound.

Here are four steps to avoid breaking chips in the dip.

1. Most tortilla chips are triangular, and we hold the chip by one point, and dip the long edge of the triangle, like a shovel. THAT'S WRONG.

2. We do it so we can scoop up more dip . . . naturally. But it ends up putting too much weight on the point of the chip where you're holding it, and it snaps.

3. Instead, you should hold the chip along the edge of the triangle, and just dip one point.  In other words, the exact opposite of what we all usually do. And you can get just as much dip, without the breakage.

4. Finally, use chips that are harder to break. Go through the bowl and find ones that are curled, or as the engineers put it, quote, a "bent, undulating chip". That creates an arch, which is the strongest support structure.  (I'm not a fan of people high-grading the chips and touching all of them!)