Beef. Steak. Dead cow piece. I have decided to hit a Montana restaurant every month and report back  to you, my dear friends, about which has the tastiest cow. Genius right? Let us start the hunt with a place unknown for its dead bovine: Seven Sushi in Bozeman. Sushi and sake are delicious we know, but the cooks at this Japanese eatery also serve up a mean wagyu sukiyaki steak. Cooked to order and sliced from a perfectly marbled chunk of local bessy, the steak is served over caramelized vegetables and topped with scallion oil, spicy  shoyu dressing and a fried haystack of razor thin sweet potato. I ate it, it was incredible. Bonus points for local meat and unique recipe, not to mention price. Many a steak runs the average consumer upwards of $30, this one is $25 and more than a meal. Perfect with red wine and some sexy company, I urge you to get yourself some slow-moving landfish the next time you find yourself at Seven. The bar has been set, let us see who can step it up or down. Peace.