On Sunday, July 28, Dave Wooten from the XL Morning Show is a joining the Extreme History Project for a tour of the first Crow Indian Agency. In addition to visiting this historic spot near Absarokee, Montana, the tour will visit:

  • Fort Parker near Livingston
  • The site where John Bozeman was killed in April, 1867
  • Museum of the Beartooths in Columbus
  • The Thomas Massacre Site on the Bozeman Trail

Shane Doyle, a Crow Indian and historian, will be leading the tour. Lunch is included and you'll be traveling in a luxury motor coach from KARST Stage.

This tour was originally sold out but four people have dropped out, so, lucky for you, we have four spots available. If you would like like to join us for this historic tour, click on the button below for more info.

See below how much fun we had on our tour to Virginia City!

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