As the old saying goes, "In Montana, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." For those of you NOT from Montana, this means that the weather can change at the drop of a hat. With that in mind, it is always good to have some standby activities in your back pocket. Check out our list of the top five things to do when it rains at Headwaters Country Jam... other than drinking.

  • Michael Blann

    Play Cards

    This one may seem a little obvious, but in the age of the smart phone, it is easy to forget how much fun it can be to play a game of slapjack with a friend.

  • gpointstudio

    Jump in a Puddle

    People are known to spend tens of thousands of dollars on medical treatments intended to make them look (and feel) young again. Let me save you some time and some cash. Jump in a puddle. Go ahead. Do it. You'll feel like you're five years old again. Guaranteed!

  • Chung Sung-Jun, Getty Images

    Mud Wrestling

    Yes, you will get dirty. Yes, people will look at you like you are crazy. Yes, a video of you will end up on the internet. Yes, you will have a blast!

  • Diana Koryakovtseva

    Wet T-Shirt Contest

    I mean, does there really need to be an explanation for this one?

  • Benis Arapovic

    Dace in the Rain

    So, you're here to listen to music right? What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than by jamming to some tunes... in the rain. We recommend the cool country jams of XL Country at 100.7 FM!