Take A Leap! :)  Today is the extra day you get this year.  What are you going to do today that is different?

Here are some Leap Year facts:

  • Every 4 years an extra day is added to the calendar, because the earth takes longer than 365 days to orbit the sun.
  • The extra day is not added to century years (such as 1800 or 1900) unless they are divisible by 400. So the year 2000 will be a leap year.
  • Julius Caesar and his astronomers were the first to initiate the practice of adding an extra day in February in the year 45 BC.
  • February 29th is traditionally a day when woman are encouraged to propose to men. This tradition dates back 1288 in Scotland where in that year a law was passed making the practice legal.
  • Some people believe that the man-made disruption of the calendar affects the natural order of things and so allows strange and unusual things to occur on February 29th.

Here's some info on Leap Day:



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