Why can't we all be happy about a national college football show coming to Montana?

If you've been under a rock the past 48 hours, you might not know that ESPN's College Gameday is heading to Bozeman this Saturday, November 19th, for the 121st Brawl of the Wild. This marks the first time the show has ever visited a team in the Big Sky Conference, and the first time they'll be in Montana.

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Many fans of Montana college football are excited, but some Griz fans aren't too happy that College Gameday chose to come to Bozeman, rather than Missoula. 

Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images
Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images

On College Gameday's Twitter, some Griz fans gave their feedback on the announcement that the show is coming to Bozeman. They're a little bitter about the location choice, to say the least.

One man on Twitter responded, 

Should've been Missoula. They did all the work for it. AND it's a much better venue. 

First, the game would have been held in Bozeman regardless of the show's presence. I think he's referring to last year when the Grizzlies put up a massive campaign for College Gameday to come to Missoula. Instead, they went to Ohio State vs. Michigan State. It was likely just a timing issue.

Another person messaged us through the 96.7 KISS FM App and wrote, 

You don't deserve College Gameday. Your stadium sucks, and your team sucks. 

I think this fan was having a bad day and needed to vent their frustration about the situation. They probably don't realize that Bozeman simply has a better fan turnout for football games, on a statistical basis. 

Regardless of statistics, this isn't a Missoula vs. Bozeman or Bobcats vs. Grizzlies competition. This aspect of the event should be a celebration of Montana, and its awesome traditions and history. College Gameday in Montana is a huge accomplishment for the state, not just Bozeman. 

Montana State Football via Facebook
Montana State Football via Facebook

Plus, it's kind of hard to call it a competition when we won, and College Gameday is here in Bozeman and not in Missoula. ;)

Kidding. Sort of.

See you all Saturday!

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