Everyone knows that St. Patrick’s Day is the one day out of the year when we’re all Irish. And, apparently that translates into wearing anything green and silly we can get our hands on and having as much to drink as we can carry at one time. But, there’s another strange tradition that has developed in celebration of this day. We can’t explain it. Are Irish people really that into unnaturally green food?

Green is the color of Ireland and the color of St. Patrick’s Day. But we think the whole green St. Patrick’s Day thing may have gotten just a bit out of hand. People color everything green on this day. What started with rivers and beer has turned into pets, fountains and food. Yes, the food.

Here is a gag-worthy selection of the foods that have been turned green for the festive day. We hope your stomach won’t turn, even though the food has.

Green Beer

St. Patrick's Day green beer

Of course, there can’t be a tour of foods colored green for St. Patrick’s Day without the classic green beer. Even a beer purist will join the crowd and gulp down at least one on this special day of green. If nothing else, to avoid a pinch and the designation as a beer snob. We encourage you to go back to regular beer quickly, because you might not enjoy the after effects of beer and green food coloring.

Green Frosting & Cookies

St. Patrick's Day green frosting and cookies

We’re going to ease you into this green food thing. Green frosting is nice. You see it all year, so it’s not a shock and it tastes good. To celebrate the day, you can put it on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or eat it with a spoon. Just be careful, because the color of your mouth will announce to the world who ate all the green frosting.

Green Bread

St. Patrick's Day green bread

Ok, normally green bread is a very bad idea, unless you’re Louis Pasteur and you have a bug you can’t seem to shake. But, of course, on St. Patrick’s Day, green bread is the best idea ever. If you have a bread maker, make a loaf and send your kids to school with green sandwiches. It’s probably the only day the teacher won’t call social services. Or, get traditional and whip up a batch of Irish soda bread. Your friends will be impressed, but it won’t count if it’s not green

Green Pasta

St. Patrick's Day green pasta

Another non-shocking green St. Patrick’s day food is green pasta. It’s really easy and actually delicious. Green pasta makes a great St. Patrick’s Day meal when you need to fill your stomach before the festivities. A spinach noodle, a good pesto, maybe some green veggies, and you’re set. Ok, it doesn’t look that delicious, but trust us, it is. We will warn you to stay away from the green parmesan cheese in the shaker though.

Green Bagels

St. Patrick's Day green bagels

If you’re going to annoy everyone for the first few hours of the day by constantly repeating, “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya,” you might as well do it with a green bagel in your hand. Check your local shop, who will probably have plenty stocked on St. Patrick’s Day. We’re all for adding a little green cream cheese, but only if you made it yourself, otherwise, you don’t know where it’s been.

Green Eggs & Ham

St. Patrick's Day green eggs and ham

We don’t know when the Dr. Seuss invention became a St. Patrick’s Day tradition, but we’ll take it. You can have these scrambled or fried and, if you don’t feel like making them yourself, you can find them at a lot of your favorite drinking establishments on the big day. However, do not trust any green eggs you are served on a day other than March 17th.

Green Popcorn

St.Patrick's Day green popcorn

Green popcorn is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day snack. It’s light and portable and looks as gross as all the other green St. Patrick’s Day foods. You’ll blend right in and your friends will be green with envy. (Sorry, we had to get that in at least once.) AboutCookingMom shows you how this can all be done.

Green Pizza

St. Patrick's Day green pizza at Don's Pizza King

This one is new for us and we’re not sure we like the looks of it. Don’s Pizza King in Belmar, New Jersey cooks these “delicacies” up once a year for St. Patrick’s Day. They simply add dye to the dough for a rather frightening looking green pizza. If they got crazy, they could probably dye the cheese too, but we think the green crust looks disgusting enough.

Green Lucky Charms

St. Patrick's Day green Lucky Charms

Of course, you don’t have to leave the house to have a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast of champions. Lucky Charms are the perfect way to start the luckiest day of the year and with a little green milk, if you’re lucky, it’ll be the most disgusting thing you do all day.

Green Pancakes with Green Potato Frosting

St. Patrick's Day green pancakes

The culinarily challenged Epic Meal Time gang had some fun for St. Patrick’s Day and, at the same time, made a rather disgusting stack of green pancakes with corned beef, bacon and green mashed potato frosting. It’s green and it’s food, so it fits the bill. We definitely don’t recommend making this meal, but if you want to watch the NSFW video about how they did, be our guest.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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