Garth Brooks and his band and crew couldn’t help but get in on the Mannequin Challenge, which is making its way around social media, and the group absolutely nailed it. Brooks posted a video on Instagram with the results, and they are impressive.

Starting backstage, viewers see Brooks' humongous live show in full force as he wraps up a song, but then the camera person moves past a curtain and suddenly everyone is frozen in time. He passes some of the stage crew, then hops on stage, and though the last chord is still ringing out, each musician has frozen, as well. The video finds a stuck keyboardist, the drummer, and of course, Brooks, who is paused in a triumphant pose centerstage. Finally the camera makes its way back under the stage as the music keeps playing and everyone un-freezes. Brooks appears to be truly thrilled with how they pulled it off.

The country icon is continuing his epic three-year World Tour with Trisha Yearwood, which has been breaking records for about 18 months now. His return to the stage earned him Entertainer of the Year at the 2016 CMA Awards, where he also performed with Yearwood a collection of classic duets from country music to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary. Never known to slow down, the couple were recently tapped to perform at the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center this year — an appropriate choice considering their upcoming Christmas duets album. Brooks is also guesting on The Voice as a mentor for the final 12 contestants this season.

Brooks’ new record Gunslinger is slated for release Nov. 25 and includes an interesting song called "8teen," Brooks says, which will challenge longtime fans to find the hidden gems and references within the lyrics.

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