The Raptor logo & mascot design for the new Gallatin High School was unveiled Monday night. Back in May, the Raptor was selected as the high school's mascot after several rounds of student, staff and community voting.

This fall, a competitive selection process was conducted and a local company, Classic Ink, was selected to design the raptor logo for Gallatin High School.

The inspiration for the logo and mascot derives from the Deinonychus dinosaur. Four different types of raptors have been discovered in Montana. Of these, the Deinonychus discovery in the mid-1960s revolutionized thinking about dinosaurs. Prior to this discovery, dinosaurs were generally believed to be large, slow, and not very smart. After the discovery of the Deinonychus, it was determined some dinosaurs were more active, intelligent, and social than previously believed. This discovery ignited the dinosaur renaissance and changed the way of thinking about dinosaurs. Deinonychus’ Greek roots mean “terrible claw” and these raptors are known for their curved claws and powerful jaws.

The new Gallatin High School is set to open next year. It's currently 70% completed.

photo courtesy of Gallatin High School
photo courtesy of Gallatin High School

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