Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, host of ‘America Live,’ returned from three months maternity leave today. During her first appearance back on the air, she wasted no time confronting guest Mike Gallagher, who had publicly knocked Kelly for taking leave after the birth of daughter Yardley.

On May 27, Gallagher called maternity leave “a racket” on his syndicated radio show and criticized Kelly for taking her (legally allotted) time off. In a verbal dressing-down for the ages, she cites studies showing maternity leave is healthier for the mother, tells Gallagher the US is one of the only first-world countries that doesn’t require the leave be paid and even refers to him as a pinhead. When Gallagher claims that men don’t get such benefits, Kelly points to the Family and Medical Leave Act which does, in fact, require employers to give new parents (dads included) up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

While Kelly is calm and professional, it’s clear she isn’t about to let Gallagher off the hook. After exhausting his defenses, he unleashes his final, pitiful excuse: “I was drinking.” What a baby.