I've had some bosses I didn't particularly care for...but never thought about trying to get them fired.  If that changes, I now know how!

Do you ever fantasize about getting your boss fired? Well, "Forbes" magazine talked to five different career coaches, and they all agreed that about 90% of people who TRY it end up failing. And obviously it's risky.

But if you're hoping to be one of the 10% who succeed, they do offer some tips on how to go about it. Here are the four that are most crucial.

1. Become a Valuable Member of the Staff. If you haven't been there long or you're still entry-level, you pretty much have zero chance of getting your boss fired . . . unless of course he sexually harasses you or something.

In reality, you have to have at least SOME clout if you're planning to go over his head and talk to management about how bad he is. Otherwise, they won't listen.

2. Gather Allies. Meaning, find co-workers who feel the same as you do, and see if they'll talk to upper management WITH you. If you approach it as a group, there's a much higher chance you'll succeed, and less of a chance YOU'LL get fired.

3. Keep Your Emotions in Check. If you make it sound like a personal issue, your boss probably won't get canned for it.

But if you can clearly explain why your boss is unprofessional . . . or better yet, why he's costing the company money . . . you might have a case.

4. Be Patient. Even if you make a strong argument for why your boss should be let go, it probably won't happen quickly. If anything, they'll keep an eye on him and see if the points you made were actually valid. Since most companies don't like firing upper-level employees, it can take YEARS.

(Source:  Forbes)

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