Is it safe to say that Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard felt some kinship with roasted  turkeys this November? According to Instagram, he got a little "carved up" -- undergoing back surgery sometime around the Thanksgiving holiday.

It's not clear if Hubbard was taking care of an injury or an ongoing condition with the procedure, but happily, he seems to have pulled through just fine. Hubbard's wife Hayley shared a photo of him looking a bit out of it in a hospital bed, but according to her post, all went well.

"In addition to all the countless people and things I‘m grateful for, I’m So super grateful for this turkey and that he’s safely out of back surgery. Thankful for all of our friends and family that have been sending love and prayers. we’re feeling beyond blessed! Wish I had the video of him coming out of surgery entertaining the nurses by singing Michael Jackson."

Alas, there's no recording of the Jackson serenade, but Hubbard himself posted an amusing video showing off his woozy post-operative state. "Looks like you're still a little drunk there," wryly observes an unidentified visitor off camera.

Hubbard noted that he's going to be a bit bored trying to keep still during recovery, but it's definitely a good thing he's resting up. Florida Georgia Line has a busy schedule in 2018 which includes Stagecoach, the Tortuga Festival, and the Taste of Country Music Festival. Oh -- and Hubbard's going to be a new dad pretty soon, as well, with baby due at the end of the year!

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