Last week, I talked about five fast food restaurants I wanted to see come to Bozeman. Here are five sit-down restaurants I would like to see come to Bozeman.

  1. P.F. Changs - We had a P.F. Changs in Kansas City. It was a very nice, upscale Chinese Bistro. My favorites include the chicken lettuce wraps, Singapore street noodles, and the fried rice. They also had sake bombs, which are delicious and fun to do.
  2. Red Lobster - This was a popular restaurants mentioned in the Facebook comments. I love their endless shrimp they have every now and then. Also, they have cheddar biscuits. Enough said.
  3. On The Border - It's not authentic Mexican food, but it's fairly tasty. They also some some delicious beverages, like the margarita with a miniature Corona Light in it. The guacamole and fajitas are pretty delicious.
  4. Cheddars - Cheddars may be one of my favorite casual dining restaurants I have ever been to. The food is not only delicious and reasonably priced, but the portions are massive. I typically get the buffalo chicken strips with a baked potato and red beans and rice. They have so many options, it would take me an hour to name them all. They also have very reasonably priced (and strong) adult beverages.
  5. Texas Roadhouse - Free peanuts, delicious steaks and chicken dishes, and warm bread with brown sugar butter. Texas Roadhouse is the best casual steakhouse.

What sit-down restaurants would you like to see come to Bozeman? As always, you can let me know your thoughts on our Facebook page, tweet me @JoeXLCountry or @XLCountry1007, or email me at