Montana is perfect Sasquatch habitat, and there have been quite a few sightings throughout the years.


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    A Whole Family of Bigfoot Was Spotted in Yellowstone in 2015

    Back in 2015, someone uploaded this video to YouTube. It shows for Bigfoot shaped figures walking in the background. Skip ahead to the '2:55' mark to see the alleged sighting.

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    Back in 1993, Some Backpackers Saw a Bigfoot in the Gallatin National Forest.

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    Near the Missouri River in 2004

    Some fisherman on the Missouri River near Helena reported seeing Bigfoot squatting on a riverbank while on a fishing trip in 2004. Read the entire story here.

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    Bigfoot Tracks Found in Silver Bow County in 1988

    Foot prints from two separate Bigfoot were found in Bull Run Gulch in Silver Bow County. The woman who found the foot prints attempted to track the Bigfoot, but to no avail. There was no actual Bigfoot sighting, just the discovery of foot prints. Read more here.

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    This video was posted to Youtube in early 2014. The video is just a picture with narration. Much of the conversation isn't relevant to whether or not the photo is real. Apparently, the picture was taken in Yellowstone.

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