Hell hath no fury like a scorned ghostwriter.

So learned Mark Davidson, an “internet sales and marketing professional” with more than 56,000 followers. His bio also says he “write[s] a lot of things to amuse myself and others” and that he sometimes has “deep thoughts.”

Only it turns out he’s not the one writing the amusing things or having the deep thoughts — those are coming from an alleged staff of Twitter ghostwriters.

Davidson apparently fired one of his three ghostwriters on Wednesday, but forgot to do one important thing — change his Twitter password. So for the past day, the unnamed now-unemployed writer has posted a hilarious string of tweets that both out his former boss as a phony and crack wise about the situation.

As of this writing, all the tweets are still live, proving that maybe Davidson doesn’t in fact pay as much attention to his Twitter feed as he should.

Here’s a screencap, just in case he suddenly realizes what’s going on (read from the bottom up):

Mark Davidson Twitter

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