Went for my workout today, after several days off.  Vegas was fun...too much fun!  I admit, I probably had too much to drink this weekend, but wasn't too bad with the food.  We went out for seafood, I had yogurt and granola for breakfast, and fruit and vegetables...oh and some McDonalds.  That being said, we did ALOT of walking...and I was in 4" heels for most of the time.

las vegas

I am finding I am not the best at getting to the gym if I am not meeting my trainer, Annie.  There are too many excuses.  When I make an appointment with her, I know I have to show up.  I am going to continue seeing her twice a week.  I LOVE her workouts.  I feel so good after working out with her.  I met Annie at 10 a.m. this morning.  Matthew spent some time at Ridge Kids.  I couldn't get him to leave that place.  He LOVES it, and he usually won't go anywhere without his sisters.  I did an hour workout, then ran errands all over town.  Then, I met a friend for lunch, played with kids, and made dinner.  I haven't had this much energy in years.  I didn't need a nap today.

What's funny is that I really didn't want to work out this morning.  I am still pretty tired from Vegas and would have loved to just sat on the couch and watched Spongebob.  Yes, that's how tired I was.  After my workout, I was ready to attack my list, and got everything done.  It's funny how much better I feel.  I know if I would have rested today that I wouldn't feel very good about myself right now, and I wouldn't be able to eat the chicken pot pie that's in my oven, guilt free.  I may even include a glass of wine!

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